Honest, Real, AND Glamorous: A Chat With Fergie

December 26, 2017
Fergie might be the most down to earth star we've ever met, and she talked about her single 'A Little Work,' being a mom and a superstar, The Four, and more at All Star Christmas. 2017 has been a great year for Fergie. Her new album Double Dutchess is a smash hit (her mom is particularly proud there is a 'clean' version of the album available too), plus she's rocking the stage with live performances, getting ready for her new role as host of Fox's singing competition The Four, and being the best mom she can be along the way. A big part of how Fergie can do it all is her radiant positivity, and being true to herself is key. It's a big theme in her latest single 'A Little Work,' which she wrote as a celebration of owning your own flaws. "It's about being imperfect, and going forward with your flaws and saying 'okay, this is it... we're all flawed.' Everyone can be so mean in today's day and age. Why is everyone so judgmental of everyone else?" she explained. "It's taking anything negative that could be holding you back in your mind... you have to be that warrior and that champion in the fight to get whatever negative things in your life out of the way, because they have no value." That's something she has tried to teach her son Axl, as well. "He does know about being bullied, or being a bully. We talk about it at playdates or at the school were he's at. We get down on his level and say 'Hey, let's talk about this... if one kid is crying, you say Hey Axl, so-and-so is crying. What are you feeling?' You make them talk it out, and learn to empathize with other people's feelings," she said. "A lot of times today, people can be so judgmental, easy to criticize, and have a laugh at somebody's expense. There's gotta be a happy medium between being so perfect and not upsetting anybody, and being completely on the other end." Honest and real, AND glamorous... that's how Fergie carries herself. And it's what drew her to The Four, as well. She made it very clear she's not a judge on the singing show, she's the host-- and that allows her to play a more supportive, nurturing role. "I'm more of the mother of it all. These beautiful artists are right next to me, I'm in the middle of it all," she said. "I can feel the nerves, the breaths, the little watering up of the eyes. It's my natural instinct because I've done this, and I know what that feels like, my heart melts. It's a nurturing role for me." Sounds like a perfect fit to us! Hear Fergie's entire interview with Christine Lee and Gina J up top!