How Max's Marriage Inspires His Music and His Life

December 26, 2017
"You've gotta find that person who's your perfect little gremlin, and you love each other's gremlin-ness." That's how Max describes his relationship with his wife Emily Cannon, a silly yet insightful observation that he clearly practices as well as preaches. You don't have to look far to recognize the importance of love in Max's life, and his music. The video for 'Lights Down Low' stars him and his real-life wife growing old together, while wearing the same clothes they wore for their wedding, AND when they got engaged! "We wanted it to be authentic to the story," Max explained. "When we were creating the video, there were some people who said I don't know if that should be the ending, it's sad and this is a really happy song. But it was really important to us to make it authentic to what life is... when we realized we wanted to be open about our relationship, we figured why not? If we're gonna be open, let's share the most special day of our lives." Music has always been at the center of this relationship... Max met Emily while he was on tour! "My wife and I met, I was on tour with Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa, and when you're on tour every single day you're in a different city. But I was in one city for a week, I was in Chicago. We went on three dates, and all of the sudden I knew she was it," he said. "So she flew out every other weekend-- our second dates were in North Carolina, and our third dates were in California-- we were all over the place." "When I wanted to propose, I surprised her at the place we had our first date in Chicago, with this harp player, because we always joked about our dreamland, waking up to a harp player and a giant chocolate pillow and stuff like that," he continued. "So I had this wonderful harp player, and I sang this song to her. My parents-- we're all fun sized-- flew in with the ring, because it was my grandma's stone. Truly Lord of the Rings style, my little Hobbit family flew in and brought the ring, and luckily she said yes." Emily still travels with Max whenever possible, and that's the other big thing about their relationship. It's not just a sweet story to tell, it's a living thing that keeps happening. And Max loves the 'gremlin-ness' of it all. "The things we wear are fun, we get our nails done together," he said. "Some people consider [it] weird, but we're like yeah, let's get our nails done, it's cute." Hear MAX's full interview with Christine Lee and Gina J above!