New Year, New You! Resolve To Pay It Forward in 2018!

December 31, 2017
Don't sit there and ponder what new and fresh New Year's Resolution you will come up with for a new you!  Thousands upon thousands of people are going the "Pay It Forward" route! Take @Jimmy965, this morning. when purchasing treats for his son Colin and daughter Mackenzie (Chocolate Frosted Doughnut with Sprinkles and Chocolate Munchkins),  he used his Dunkin App at the Drive Thru to pay for a woman's $5.00 breakfast!   I am hoping it made her day!  Imagine:  If 50 or more people Pay It Forward everyday, what a Happy State and Country we could live in! Let's go New England and anyone who is up for the Pay It Forward Challenge.  Let's track where you Pay it Forward within the next couple of months in 2018: [polldaddy poll=9908066]