Matt Munson: Inside 'The Bachelor' Season Premiere

January 3, 2018
Matt Munson from The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise stopped by to dish with Gina J on dating and relationships, offering his male perspective. This week, it's all about The Bachelor as the new season kicked off this week! And no one better than franchise alum Matt Munson to break it all down with Gina! Matt knows what the women were going through during the premiere. "It was the most nervewracking and longest night of my life. All the girls arrive at night, everyone's partying, then the rose ceremony happens very early the next morning." Arie sent home a bunch of girls already. And these girls already found a way to stay relevant on social media by doing a photoshoot. And Bachelor Nation is saying there are thirteen blondes, they all look identical -- stunning, drop-dead gorgeous. There are also four Laurens, two Beccas, and many of them are real estate agents. Arie, meanwhile, is 36 and some of the girls are quite younger. One is 22, but there's a bit of controversy because she may be even younger. There were some funny entrances! No costumes, but there was the kissing bandit. And there was the girl who came in with the little wiener statue and says, "I have a little wiener for you, hopefully, you don't have one." But you don't want to be remembered as the creepy one like the girl who is into taxidermy and had stuffed things! Oh, and Arie was checking out everyone's butts as they walked by. And of course there's already a villain - they hate Chelsea. Tune in every week for more with Matt Munson and Gina J!