Craig & Company: Lighter Side of the News - 1/5/18

January 5, 2018
Every morning, Craig & Company bring you the Lighter Side of the news! Here are some of today’s highlights! In Windsor, England they're asking homeless people to get off the streets for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. Black Panther was unveiled in the Fantastic Four in 1966. Fast forward to next month - Marvel's Black Panther is the amazing Chadwick Boseman. A woman in Michigan just turned 104. She said her secret to a long life is one can of Diet Coke every day. The Fiona the Hippo 'Chunky Chunky Hippo' ice cream has already grossed $480,000 dollars! It's to celebrate Fiona's first birthday. A guy in Philly measures his baby by the length of a Philly Steak. The baby was born in 2015 and measured one full sub. Baby is now up to two subs. The Pennsylvania Dairy Industry's 102nd Anniversary Farm Show is marking the occasion with a half ton sculpture featuring a cow farmer, wife, and son -- all in butter. A survey of 250 bartenders found the most annoying thing a customer can do: Ask for a free drink when you're already drunk, snap/whistle to get their attention, and the number one irritation is when the bartender asks what you'd like and you say, "surprise me." Wake up with Craig & Company every weekday morning from 5:30 to 10!