Don't Fret Parents! Your Children Are Growing Up!

January 5, 2018
And just like that, the Christmas season is passed us.  And many children have been very fortunate to receive presents, present and more presents!   But, what does one do when we are feeling overload? Take Christina from Worcester, MA.  She is struggling with organizing old toys and new toys.   A friend told her about the idea of donating gently used toys that her children do not play with as much to other friends or charity.  However, make sure the message is communicated clearly with your children.  This will be a valuable lesson for your children to teach them generosity, tolerance, respect, and responsibility. @Jimmy965TIC notices with his own kids and even his 4th grade students that students use devices, especially I-pads, not so much to play games, but now are watching YouTube videos of other children playing with toys and tutorials.  This is an excellent break through in child development!   For years, researchers have assessed the potential damage to students and children that personal devices have on the brain.   However, now students are actually learning that devices can be used as tools, not toys! What learning tool are your children viewing on their devices?! Comment below!