Dirty Laundry: Harvey Weinstein Gets Slapped

January 10, 2018
Harvey Weinstein got slapped in an altercation at a restaurant, Michael Douglas and Corey Feldman get accused of sexual misconduct, and more in today's Dirty Laundry... Harvey Weinstein was at a restaurant with his sober coach when a man asked for a photo. He denied the guy and they shook hands but then the guy came back (he admits to being drunk and telling his friend to record what he was going to do). He walks up to Harvey and slaps his face twice while calling him names. Harvey walked away stunned and didn’t press charges.
Photo Credit: Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY NETWORK

Michael Douglas is one the latest to accused of sexual misconduct but he decided to talk about it before the story broke. A woman that worked for him over 30 years ago was going to the press and saying that Michael pleased himself in front of her. He is denying the story and before it broke wanted to defend himself. Corey Feldman has been exposing some of the alleged child molesters in Hollywood but now he’s being accused of sexual battery. A woman has filed a report claiming Cory grabbed her butt last year. He denies the allegations. After winning a Golden Globe, James Franco was being called out on Twitter because of his past sexual allegations. He was on Stephen Colbert last night and he was asked about it… he said that "the things I heard on Twitter are not accurate." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpEuHHMy-Z8 Franco said he had "no idea" why Ally Sheedy, whom he directed in a 2014 off-Broadway play, was upset. "I had nothing but a great time with her," he said. But in reference to other behavior, he said, "If there's restitution to be made, I will make it." https://www.instagram.com/p/BdxqgGxgO7m/?hl=en&taken-by=oprah Oprah has posted about the recent mudslides in Southern CA where at least 15 have died… Oprah was showing the damage but says her neighbors had more damage. Ellen DeGeneres was also affected. American Idol producers announced that they won’t be showing the bad auditions on the new version of the show. Booooo…. that’s the fun part about it, LOL! William Hung is even criticizing the show about it. Kelly Clarkson is facing backlash on social media after revealing she spanks her 3-year-old daughter River. “I don’t mean hitting her hard,” the three-time GRAMMY winner said in a recent radio interview “I mean just a spanking.”
Photo Credit: Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY NETWORK

The GRAMMYs are coming up Jan 28th and more performers have been announced. Alessia Cara with Logic and Khalid will be performing their GRAMMY-nominated song “1-800-273-8255″ and they will be joined by a group of suicide attempt and loss survivors selected by the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline…. hmmm didn’t they do that before? Other newly announced performers include Luis Fonsi with Daddy Yankee, Kesha, Bruno Mars with Cardi B and SZA. Previously announced performers include Childish Gambino, Lady Gaga, Little Big Town, Pink and Ben Platt.