Dirty Laundry: More Allegations Against Russell Simmons

January 10, 2018
Two more women have filed complaints against Russell Simmons regarding sexual assault allegations. Plus, it's baby number five for Hugh Grant, and more news in today's Dirty Laundry! Russell Simmons has 2 more sexual assault allegations to deal with, because 2 women have gone to police and filed criminal complaints. It’s up to 14 women now. Russell has denied all previous claims against him and took a polygraph test that he passed. The NYPD is already investigating Simmons for at least 7 claims of sexual misconduct.
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95 year old Comic book legend Stan Lee is also being accused of groping and harassing the nurses who care for him at his home in Los Angeles. The nursing company is in a legal dispute with Stan but his lawyers say it’s a shake down.
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Hugh Grant, 55, is expecting his 5th child with 35 year old girlfriend Anna Eberstein. This will be their third child…they have a 5 and 2 year old. Tonya Harding tried to walk off her interview with Piers Morgan after he confronted her… he told her to stop portraying herself as a victim because Nancy Kerrigan was the victim! I, Tonya is in theaters now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXKu27XNaak The Bachelor was on last night and is it me or were you getting grossed out watching Arie tongue a bunch of girls on the show? Krystal has moved up on the villain list LOL. And get ready for Bachelor Winter Games on February 13th. The promo is running and Ashley Iaconetti's cry face is worse than Kim Kardashian's! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWvTRMi657o And this pisses me off… reports are that Michelle Williams was only paid $80 a day for reshoots of the movie All The Money In The World after the whole Kevin Spacey mess. Christopher Plummer took Kevin’s place… Mark Wahlberg was paid $2 million for the 10-day re-shoot!!!!! I hope that story is false!
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Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff called it quits back in December.
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Kanye West did a good thing… he spoke and rapped for a girl before she died. The girl was battling cancer and Kanye found out.