Craig & Company: Lighter Side of the News - 1/11/18

January 11, 2018
Every morning, Craig & Company bring you the Lighter Side of the news! Here are some of today’s highlights! There was something missing at the Golden Globes, as they honored 101-year-old Kirk Douglas... Michael Douglas was nowhere to be found. Douglas is about to be accused in a sexual misconduct case, so he skipped the Globes. He once sought rehab for what he called sexual addiction. He also said at that time that his throat cancer came from performing a certain... act on a woman. Douglas is going to be accused of pleasuring himself in front of someone else. We're not even two weeks into 2018, and already this year there's new allegation cases against Douglas, Paul Haggis, and James Franco. Vincent "The Chin" Gigante, the Godfather of New York City, used to parade around in his bathrobe because he wanted everyone to think he was nuts (but he wasn't). He died in prison... and now like father, like son, as Vinny Jr. was just indicted as head of the Genovese Crime Family. Remember the movie American Pie? Well, there's a ship operated by a Norwegian Cruise currently hosting a music festival onboard. They had to release a memo to passengers, asking that they don't engage in sex during the midnight pizza offering... as in, using a slice of pizza with a hole cut out of it. It gives a new meaning to "stuffed crust pizza," LOL. A new company is selling "smart underwear" which measures body temperature, heart rate, hydration, and then feeds the information to a smart device. You can preorder four pairs for "only" $279.00. If you could change your height would you? Half of the men and women questioned said they would like to be taller, while 7% of women and 3% of men said they'd like to be shorter. A woman in California returned her Christmas tree to Costco, because the tree was dead. Costco advertises that they sell live trees, and she had the tree for four weeks... most trees die within four weeks, but believe it or not, they refunded her money! The Lighter Side of the News is presented by Farmington Bank.