Jokes Back Asswards: Trump, and a Really Smart Horse...

January 11, 2018
Craig and Company give you the punch line first, then the question. It’s Jokes Back Asswards! Highlight underneath each answer to see the question! Rain this week... and Rob Kardashian Name things described in Southern California as "heavy." President Trump and a really smart horse Name two "stable geniuses." Someone known for the color purple, and someone known for the color orange What would the campaign look like if Oprah ran in 2020?  Pretty smelly, bacteria-laced What kind of shoes does Steve Bannon's replacement have to fill? By replacing Charlie Rose with a dude named Dickerson What does CBS think is the best way to make you forget they once employed a dude who kept exposing his junk? White, male, and awesome How do police describe the suspect who slapped Harvey Weinstein? Someone other than Democrats will give Trump the finger What will happen at Trump's prostate exam tomorrow?