My Teen Just Did the Most Teenager Thing Ever.

January 16, 2018
I was minding my business eating take-out sushi in the middle of the day when I got this text message from my 15 year old son, "Mom, guess what I did?" My brain instantly turned mushier than the green wasabi paste on my plastic take-out dish. "What??" I frantically replied. And then, the dreaded 'three-dots' appeared. After an agonizing ETERNITY of about 30 seconds he FINALLY responded. Phew, false alarm! (Backstory: My oldest wants to go into sports broadcasting so I told him to be proactive and just start covering teams online. Seems he took his old moms' advice.) Crisis averted. Now I can go back to my sushi, except I think I may add some sake to my meal. It's 5-o-clock somewhere....(dot, dot, dot.)