Craig & Company: Lighter Side of the News - 1/24

January 24, 2018

Every morning, Craig & Company bring you the Lighter Side of the news! Here are some of today’s highlights! Yesterday we told you about the Tinder swipe gone wrong... and how the guy emailed every Claudia on campus until he found the one he accidentally swiped left on. An update: They are going out on a date! Apparently some executive producers at NBC didn't think it was appropriate for Megyn Kelly to broil Jane Fonda... because Jane didn't like the mention of plastic surgery, she tried to promote her new movie. It appears there was a blow-up after the show and Megyn didn't show up for her show yesterday. Police suspect holdup in a trailer in New Hampshire versus a police attack dog. The man made the mistake of placing the dog in a chokehold and biting the dog on the head... the dog attacked back. Today is National Peanut Butter Day. 72% of Americans prefer smooth/creamy vs. chunky. Jif is number one, Skippy is number two, and Peter Pan is number three. A new study found that when your significant other is in pain, you can instantly reduce the pain just by holding their hand and it's so powerful, it can even help with the extreme pain of giving birth. The Lighter Side of the News is presented by Farmington Bank.