Hollywood Stories: Trump, Weinstein, & Saddam - OH MY!

January 26, 2018

There's never a shortage of drama with Trump in office... and now who's shopping a tell-all? And just when you thought Harvey Weinstein couldn't get more gross... well, he did. And Saddam Hussein wrote a romance novel? Get the scoop on all this crazy in today's Hollywood Stories with Christine Lee! Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein wrote a romantic novel in 2000. It includes a description of inter-species passion between a man and a bear. https://twitter.com/Steambrew/status/956577442256232448 The Harvey Weinstein story has gone from bad to worse... if you can even imagine it gets worse! His former assistant is suing him. She's saying he made her clean up his.... you know, when he'd take care of his own business... She also had to take notes that he'd fully dictate while he was fully naked. He really thought he looked great. Ewww. Trump asked if he could borrow a Van Gogh at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. They said no, but offered him a toilet sculpted by an Italian artist! Meanwhile, the attorney who represented Donald Trump in his divorces has written a tell-all book. According to Page Six, Attorney Jay Goldberg--who has also represented big names like Robert F. Kennedy, Bono, and Diddy--but here's the catch! He's good friends with Trump and says he gets a bad rap and that the book is going to show his "true character." But what about client/attorney privilege? Well, Trump has probably signed off on it and it'll be a fluff book. Inside Edition asked Stormy Daniels if she had sex with Trump. She just smirked through the whole interview and really gave zero comment. And apparently, Jimmy Kimmel has landed a Stormy Daniels interview... after the State of the Union. But is she even gonna speak? Oprah demonstrates how to clean up your dog's ~mess... https://youtu.be/tfPEqMVWyBc Casey Affleck will not present Best Actress at the upcoming Oscars. The Best Actor of the previous year usually does, but his intention is to not distract from the #MeToo movement. Steven Spielberg is remaking West Side Story. https://twitter.com/Slate/status/956911975489032192 And if you're familiar with the old viral 'Rick-Roll' meme, well, there's now a FARTING version of 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. Uhh... why? https://youtu.be/zzOzlHEqgRc