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10 Executive Dr
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The following research clearly shows that Radio is the best medium to help you achieve each of your advertising objectives:

  • Mobility: Reach your customer closest to the point of sale.
  • Market Coverage: 96% of the population listens to radio each week.
  • Target Marketing: Match your customer profile with the right format.
  • Primary News Source: Use radio to stress urgency...Reach your customers first!
  • Flexibility: Radio flexibility allows you to update your customers on the latest developments.
  • Intrusiveness: Radio becomes a part of the customers’ lives. Make radio a one-on-one sales call.
  • Theater of the Mind: Radio helps people envision their favorite in the “mind’s eye.”
  • Accessibility: Radio keeps pace with busy, active lifestyles… at home, work, in the car, or on your computer.
  • Uncluttered Airtime: Your commercial remains separated from your competitors’.
  • Economy: Radio is a cost effective medium.