Instagram Survey Shows Each State's Least Favorite State

January 27, 2020

Each state has a rival state that they secretly or not-so-secretly hate. At least, that’s what an Instagram survey has determined about all 50 states with the exception of a few.

Matt Shirley of Los Angeles took a poll from his 327,000 Instagram followers to find out which states hated which other states the most. In fact, his entire Instagram is dedicated to hilarious, homemade infographics that answer the questions you never knew you had.

For this particular “study,” Shirley revealed to the Asbury Park Press that he received more than 2,500 responses. “These were write-in votes so there weren’t any options to choose from,” Shirley revealed to the newspaper.

“Thanks to everyone who voted. Tag someone from an enemy state,” the post reads.

Some of the results were not surprising. According to the survey, Virginia hates West Virginia, North Dakota and South Dakota hate each other, and North Carolina hates South Carolina.

But some of the answers may have come as a shock. For example, New Jersey’s results were that they hate everyone whereas the state of Hawaii doesn’t seem to hate anyone.

The post has garnered nearly 27,000 likes and tons of comments. People from all over the country are flocking to the post to either state their case or deny the findings of the survey.

“I’m surprised Texas doesn’t hate everyone,” one user writes. Another chimed in, “I need to know immediately what Ohio did to South Carolina.”

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