Watch Arlissa Rescue Lauren Jauregui in 'Running' Video

The pair escape with Thelma & Louise style

August 16, 2019

The star for UK singer Arlissa continues to rise, this time turning her escape anthem, “Running,” into a full-on Thelma & Louise fantasy with Lauren Jauregui.

In the video released Friday, Arlissa helps Jauregui out of a bad boyfriend fight, fleeing the scene are starting on a course of adventure. Along the way they evade the cops, find some spending money, and make a new friend.

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Arlissa has been making waves in the music world over the past few years. She went viral with the acoustic video for her song, "Heart's Ain't Gonna Lie," and her song “We Won’t Move” was featured on the soundtrack for last year’s The Hate U Give. She is also one of the co-writers behind BTS’ “Spring Day” from 2017.

“I’ve had the craziest journey with music since I was 14 writing my first songs. I’ve had so so so so many obstacles and people try to get in the way but here we are!” Arlissa wrote on Twitter this weekend. “Thanks for being on this journey with me and believing in me! I love you all.”

Meanwhile for her video co-star, Jauregui announced this week that her debut album will be out in 2020. “I’m so proud of the way that I’ve been able to articulate my point of view. I’m emo, so you’re gonna get some deep, dark lyrics from my soul, but some bops too,” she told Billboard. “It’s gonna be really fun. I’m really excited to share it with the world, but I’m just kind of packaging everything and still finishing up some songs."

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