WE ARE THE CHILDREN Gingerbread House Drop Off

November 20, 2018

Once again, the We Are The Children Christmas Party will feature an amazing Gingerbread House display!  If you would like your Gingerbread House included at this year's party, here's how to enter...

To donate a Gingerbread House to this year's We Are The Children Christmas Party, you can drop it off at the XL Center shipping/ receiving entrance on Ann Uccello Street at the following times:

12/17: 9a-5p

12/18: 12p-5p

12/19: 9a-5p

12/20: 9a-5p

12/21: 9a-5p

12/22: 9a-3p   

12/23: 9a-2p

12/24: 9a-12p

Thanks from everyone at We Are The Children... hope to see you soon at the XL Center!