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Dirty Laundry: Rihanna & Hassan Jameel Have Broken Up

Rihanna and Hassan Jameel-- her boyfriend of almost 3 years-- have called it quits. We liked them together, and they stayed out of the limelight in a way most celebrity couples don't. Eminem dropped a surprise album called "Music To Be Murdered By" last night at midnight, and-- if you couldn't tell... Read More

Kids Baking Championship's Sam Occhiogrosso Knows His Oreos!

6th Grader Sam Occhiogrosso is on the current season of Food Network's Kids Baking Championship. Sam, who's from West Hartford, explained what it's like baking on TV, his craziest culinary creation, and more. Plus, Sam takes Christine and Salt's Oreo taste test challenge! Read More

Dirty on the :30: Did Jamie Foxx Bully Tommy Davidson?

Tommy Davidson is trash-talking Jamie Foxx in his new memoir, claiming the a-list actor was a bully on the set of In Living Color. Kylie and Kendall Jenner got slapped with a lawsuit that has to do with the lace patterns on their underwear. Seriously, you have to hear this argument! And will Kim... Read More

Dirty on the :30: Tina Fey's Stunning Weight Loss Transformation

How much did Tina Fey lose using WW (AKA Weight Watchers)? Tina, who's about to turn 50, joined Oprah in Minneapolis and revealed her stunning weight loss. What's the worst date Charlize Theron ever went on? She told Jimmy Kimmel, and it's... pretty bad, LOL. Video of Charlize Theron’s Worst Date... Read More

Can't Beat Christine: David From Bristol

We've got five pop culture trivia questions, and if David answers more right than Christine, he'll win! Hear how he did, and play along with today's quiz to see if you can beat Christine! Can't Beat Christine: David From Bristol... Read More

Dirty on the :30: Are You Ready For Kylie Con?

Kylie Jenner is throwing a Kylie convention! So what happens at Kylie Con (AKA Kylie Kon). And that's not all-- find out what other new idea she just copyrighted. Is Jay-Z the third wheel in the burgeoning (and adorable) friendship between Beyonce and Reese Witherspoon? And was there an ulterior... Read More

Poll: Is Ariana Grande's '7 Rings' Ripping Off This Other Song?

Josh Stone, who goes by the artist name DOT, is claiming Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" is a ripoff of his song "You Need It I Got It," which he wrote two years earlier. He argues that the hooks of both songs are identical. Take a listen and let us know what you think: Video of Josh Stone - "... Read More