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Which Jay-Z Album Is Being Honored by the Library of Congress?

The first rapper ever to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame has a baker's dozen worth of classic albums to honor. Across 22 years and 13 LPs, Jay-Z has put in some historical work, and now the time has come to actually make it a part of history. The Library Of Congress has announced a... Read More

Cant Beat Christine: Corey from Union

Corey from Union joined the show this morning in attempt to beat Christine Lee in our pop-culture trivia game. Listen and play along to see if you "Can't Beat Christine" Cant Beat Christine 3-20-19.mp3 One in five Americans will gamble on WHAT this year? MARCH MADNESS What social media site has... Read More

Dirty Laundry: Robert Kraft Offered Plea Deal

Why Robert Kraft likely won't take the plea deal in his soliciting prostitution case, plus more on Paris Jackson's troubling weekend, Adam Levine's 40th birthday festivities, and more Dirty Laundry... Dirty Laundry: Robert Kraft Offered Plea Deal Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been offered a deal... Read More