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Can't Beat Christine: Brenda From Hamden

Brenda from Hamden dialed in this morning because she wants to beat Christine! Brenda had to have the right answer to more of our five trivia questions than Christine... how'd she do? Find out and play along! Can't Beat Christine: Brenda From Hamden 1. It's so hot out that the Akron Zoo is... Read More

Hollywood Stories: Shannen Doherty Coming To Riverdale

Shannen Doherty will be helping the Riverdale cast say goodbye to co-star Luke Perry, who passed away earlier this year. Plus, the latest Marvel movie news out of Comic Con, J.Lo's awesome birthday present from Versace, and more Hollywood Stories! When Riverdale returns the CW this fall, it will be... Read More

Acoustic Sunrise 7-21-19

9 AM IRONIC-Alanis Morissette THE MIDDLE-Jimmy Eat World APOLOGIZE-One Republic GIVE YOUR HEART A BREAK-Demi Lovato BEST DAY OF MY LIFE-American Authors LAZY SONG-Bruno Mars THIS LOVE-Maroon 5 SOMEONE YOU LOVED-Lewis Capaldi MR. JONES-Counting Crows JEALOUS-Nick Jonas PHOTOGRAPH-Ed Sheeran FLY-... Read More

Hollywood Stories: Sesame Street To Be Honored By Kennedy Center

Sesame Street will be the first TV show honored by the Kennedy Center. Plus, new trailers drop for Top Gun and the big screen adaptation of Cats! Check them out in today's Hollywood Stories. The Kennedy Center honorees were announced yesterday. Sally Field and Sesame Street made the cut... this is... Read More

Tell Salt Where To Go: Rocky Hill Ferry & Shad Row

Salt is new to Connecticut, and he's looking for suggestions on the best places to go. He was told by Nadine to check out the Rocky Hill Ferry and Shad Row , where he could find a great lobster roll. So yesterday after the show, he drove over to Rocky Hill and was super excited to check it out..... Read More

Can't Beat Christine: Nadine From Cromwell

Nadine is ready to play Can't Beat Christine! She had to answer five trivia questions, and get more correct answers than Christine... how did she do? Listen and find out now, and play along to see if you Can't Beat Christine! Can't Beat Christine: Nadine From Cromwell 1. Circle K convenience... Read More

Did Governor Lamont Give Salt a Preemptive Gubernatorial Pardon?

Governor Ned Lamont called in to the studio, to welcome Salt to Connecticut! Governor Lamont is still relatively new to the job, having taken office this January. And Salt just started at 96.5TIC this week, so they shared some common ground and talked about stumbling blocks they encountered,... Read More

Hollywood Stories: Charges Dropped Against Kevin Spacey

Find out why charges against Kevin Spacey were dropped, plus the not-very-exciting story of why Katy Perry and Taylor Swift made peace, how Chrissy Metz met her new BF, and more Hollywood Stories! Charges were dropped against Kevin Spacey yesterday in the case of the young man who claims he was... Read More

Dirty Laundry: Mario Lopez Moving To Access Hollywood

Mario Lopez will be the new host of Access Hollywood! Who's replacing him on Extra? Find out, plus details on Irinia Shayk's new mystery guy and more Dirty Laundry. Dirty Laundry: Mario Lopez Moving To Access Hollywood It's official now-- Mario Lopez, who's on Extra, is now going to be the new host... Read More