Credit: Mike Stacy

1Thing Building a Better Tomorrow... From the Past!

September 5, 2018

Mike Stacy from WRCH paid a visit to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, and found 1Thing the Faire is doing to save a LOT of paper.

Here's more from Mike...

It was a beautiful drive just under 40 minutes from Rocky Hill to Lebanon.  The Connecticut Renaissance Faire has pitched many tents at the Lebanon County Fair Grounds Saturdays and Sundays through October 14th.  There is no fee to park but donations for a local Project Graduation are appreciated.  They have an ATM on site but most vendors accept Lady VISA and Master CARD (ha!)

There are numerous stages where I witnessed a Falconer with Birds of Prey!  I saw Falcons, Parrots, Owls and Hawks and learned lots about them.  Another stage had a Fire Dancer!  She skillfully stayed safe with hoops and batons aflame and climbed a ladder of razor sharp swords.  There was also comedy/magic shows and a Pirate themed show.  

Great food and drink. I sampled Mead (not my favorite). It turns out that it’s more like wine than beer. I also went Medieval and enjoyed a Giant Turkey leg! There were French fries, mac n cheese, fried dough, pulled pork and ice cream.  You could purchase horns for any occasion or armor for your next conflict!  They were offering sword fighting lessons to kids and had a children’s obstacle/combat field where they fought with bows and arrows in place of laser tag!

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire also did 1Thing that impressed me.  They posted maps of the fair rather than print them.  Think of the paper they saved!  You were encourage to snap a photo with your camera and follow the map.  This is a super idea and 1Thing that they did to sustain our planet!