Can't Beat Christine: John Elliott Edition!

May 16, 2018

Joy from Killingworth called in to play Can't Beat Christine this morning, even though she had lost power in yesterday's storm. She got two questions right, while Christine got four right... so she missed out on the gift card but still won a pass good to see any movie she wants. Whay are we recapping all this? Because we accidentally deleted her call.

So just for fun, we made John Elliott take the quiz to see how many he could get right! Could he beat Christine's four correct answers?...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was saved by NBC just one day after being cancelled by Fox. What animal is in NBC's logo?


It would have been Bea Arthur's birthday on Sunday... what was her character's name on The Golden Girls?


Right around this time in 1998, Frank Sinatra passed away at the age of 82. What was the nickname of Frank's group of entertainment friends?

The Rat Pack

Pete Wentz and Meagan Camper are the proud parents of a new baby girl named Marvel Jane. What band is Pete Wentz in?

Fall Out Boy

Pierce Brosnan is 65 today. In 1999, he starred in a movie called The World Is Not Enough. What character did he play?

Bond. James Bond.

John got four right... the same as Christine! He wins nothing!!!