Can't Beat Christine: Karen From West Hartford

June 24, 2019

How do you start off your Monday? Well, if you're Karen from West Hartford, you see if you can beat Christine! Listen now to find out how she did, and play along to see if you can answer as many questions as Christine!

1. The story just won't go away... who has Justin Bieber challenged to fight him? 

Tom Cruise

2. What was the one thing actor Jeff Goldblum claims he has never done?

Played a video game

3. Two thirds of us have bought something, just to get a what? 

A rush

4. What will happen this Friday at about 9:40am?

Gary Craig will sign off 96.5 TIC for the last time

5. After a market test, KFC's new fried chicken sandwich is going nationwide. It uses what as a condiment?