Can't Beat Christine: Sandy from East Hartford

June 11, 2018

Sandy from East Hartford stepped up to take on Christine! How'd she do? Play along and see if you Can't Beat Christine! 

Debra Messing says she was sexually harassed and tricked into doing nudity in her first movie role. Messing stars on what recently revived hit sitcom?
Will & Grace 

Last week, the last surviving adult munchkin of The Wizard of Oz died at the age of 98. His name was Jerry Maren. In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy's three companions--Lion, Scarecrow and Tinman all wanted something from the wizard - what did they each want?
Courage, Brain, and Heart  

Pablo Escobar's widow Maria and his son, Sebastian were charged with money laundering in Argentina. What is the Netflix original series that follows the exploits of Columbian drug kingpins?

IKEA is teaming up with Beyonce's sister Solange to design a new line of furniture and other accessories. What country was IKEA founded in?

Actor Peter Dinklage is 49 today. On what show does he play Tyrion Lannister?
Game of Thrones 

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