Class of 2020 vs Class of 1989

31 years after I met my roomies, my son met his

June 29, 2020
UNL christine tracy and tracy

Waaaay back in 1989, when I was a 17-year-old incoming freshman at the University of Nebraska, I met two amazing women —Tracy P and Tracy L—who were my roomates for all 4 years of collage, and with whom I've remained friends ever since. Yes, we've kind of lost touch with each other, but we always send Christmas cards or New Year's cards or even some years when Christmas and New Year sneak right past — Valentine's Day cards! 

Now, 31 years later — we all have kids of our own who are also headed off to college. 

Christine Lee with her son, Alexander
Christine Lee

My oldest son Alexander, met Charlie — who is going to be his college roomate at Quinnipiac in the fall — over this past weekend. It made me realize — I haven't spoken to my old roomies in probably 20 years. I think the last time we all saw each other was at my wedding in 1999.

It was time for a reunion!