Can't Beat Christine: Charlie from Burlington

September 12, 2018

Charlie from Burlington stepped up to the challenge! Play along and see if you Can't Beat Christine!

Rapper Ludacris just turned 41. What movie franchise does he have a recurring role in?
Fast and the Furious 

In 2009, Michael Jordan entered the Basketball Hall of Fame. What's the name of the '90s movie he starred in with the Looney Tunes?
Space Jam

Facebook recently upset users when they started removing photos of Burt Reynolds' famous naked bear rug pose. What kind of car did Burt drive in his classic movie Smokey and the Bandit
Pontiac Firebird

Cheryl Burke has chosen Leah Remini as her maid of honor when she marries Matthew Lawrence. What church did Remini leave in 2013 that she now hosts an award winning series on A&E exposing it?

Walmart locations in NC and SC are down to their last cases of water and bread because of Hurricane Florence. The question is who founded Walmart? Sam Walton, John Walton Jr., or Bill Walton?
Sam Walton 

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