Meet Steph our newest Craig and Company member

Our Steph gave up San Diego for Craig & Company!

September 17, 2018
Steph the Producer takes over Craig and Company

photo courtesy of Steph

If you've been hearing a new voice on the morning show, your ears aren't deceiving you! 

Meet Steph, our new Craig and Company producer-to-be as she's the heir-apparant to Producer Ryan Jones. Don't panic, RJ isn't leaving the mighty 96.5TIC alltogether — rather he's now finally able to focus on his true love: programming the music and the radio station. 

Meanwhile, the Craig and Company crew is all fired up and ready to have more fun than EVER! 

Steph, Christine Lee, Gary Craig
photo by Christine Lee

Steph comes to us by way of San Diego and I got to sit down and interview her, because I just HAD to know what would compell a California girl to come to the severe weather fluctuations out here on the East Coast (even though, the East Coast is the BEST coast, of course!)  

Christine: "What the hell gurl — are you NUTS? You left SAN DIEGO for the cold winters here in Connecticut?" 

Steph: "Why not, I'm up for anything! Plus, I was ready for a change and I'm super excided to be here with my boo thang, James."

Christine: "What is a boo thang?"

Steph: "Well in old-people-speak, it's a boyfriend."

Christine: "Are you insulting me already?"

Steph: "Noooooooooo way!!!!" 

Christine: "You realize you can't operate that little front-wheel drive, two-seater convertable out here."

Steph: "I'm ready, I've put a bid in on a used Abrahams Tank." 

Christine: "Dayum, you ARE ready! One last thing, you know Gary Craig is really just a big ole softie, right?"

Steph: "He doesn't fool me one bit, I ain't a skerrd of him!"

Christine: "A girl after my own heart---welcome to Connecticut!"

So take a minute to welcome Steph to Connecticut. You can Tweet at her @StayUpWithSteph and wish Ryan Jones best of luck wearing just two hats as music director/program director instead of four hats as babysitter/producer/music director/program director. You canTweet at him @Ryan_a_Jones. Although, it looks like he's already celebrating being able to sleep in!

Ryan Jones
photo courtesy of Ryan Jones