Hollywood Stories: The Bachelor’s New Villain

That finale, though... SMH!

March 6, 2018

Rumors were true… The Bachelor brought all kinds of drama last night and created a new franchise villain! Plus, whose Oscar statue was STOLEN? And Katy Perry talks new American Idol judging panel! More in today’s Hollywood Stories with Christine Lee!

47-year-old Terry Bryant was arrested on felony grand theft charges for stealing Frances McDormand’s Oscar off her table at the Governor’s Ball after the ceremony. He even did a social media video joking like it was his! Taking photos with it is one thing, but don’t take it! His video has been removed, but it lives forever on the interwebs. Frances McDormand even said, “It’s okay, I got it back… you don’t have to go for the full charges, leave it alone,” but police did anyway.

The first part of The Bachelor finale was on last night and Arie proposed to Becca and then dumped her for Lauren!! He said he was conflicted in Peru. He whined about his struggle. He’s a franchise villain now.

But the actual finale is on tonight! The drama continues…

Beyonce and Jay-Z are going out on another tour this year! Tickets went on sale for about thirty seconds before it was removed from Ticketmaster… trying to create buzz??

American Idol is back on Sunday. Judge Katy Perry talks about fellow judges on the panel, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.