Hollywood Stories: Fiji Water gets 12 Million Dollars worth of Free Advertising at the Golden Globes thanks to Fiji Girl!

January 9, 2019

(Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images for FIJI Water)


Criminal Investigation is now underway after the docu-series “Surviving R.Kelly” on Lifetime has been releases. Georgia is currently doing the investigation as R.Kelly owns a home in Georgia which was also features in the docu-series. .


Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 premieres on Jan 21st on CBS and there is a leaked cast that are rumored to be on the show! Here is some of the people that are rumored to be on the show: Cailtlyn Jenner, Sean Spicer, Tonya Harding, Stephen Baldwin!


Remember the girl with the Fiji Water at the Golden Globes? Well her name is Kelleth Cuthbert and she got $12million worth of advertising for Fiji at the “Golden Globes”. She wasn’t just getting lucky with all this photo bombing she says, “It’s all strategic. You’ve got to angle.”