Hollywood Stories: Grammy's Host Alicia Keys Brings Out Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez!

February 11, 2019

The Dolly Parten Tribute at the Grammy’s was absolutely amazing. Artists like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and more collaborated to pay homage to Dolly’s music. In my opinion Miley Cyrus was the absolute best part of that performance. Watch the entire performance here:


Jennifer Aniston threw a huge 50th birthday celebration and her ex Brad Pitt was there! Jennifer was very happy Brad attended even after Jen was debating about inviting him.  Source says, “They hugged and chatted for a bit, but Jen was busy making sure all of her guests had an amazing time.”


The opening to the Grammy’s defined girl-power!!! Grammy’s host Alicia Keys brought out superstars Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, Michelle Obama, and Jennifer Lopez! They opened up how people tried so hard to bring them down, but music always prevailed through every hard time. It was a beautiful opening and we look forward to all women empowering motions in the industry!