Hollywood Stories: Jennifer Lopez Criticized for her Motown Tribute Performance

February 12, 2019

BET made an offensive tweet about Nicki Minaj which led her to drop out of BET’s Festival in June. The tweet was a picture of Cardi B with the title “Cardi B is The First solo Female Rapper To win Best Rap Album, And Fans Are Weeping” with BET’s comment above saying, “Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lacefront.” OUCH. BET later issued an apology saying the tweet was unauthorized.


Jennifer Lopez received a lot of criticism for her Motown Tribute during the Grammy’s because people are wondering why a black artist was not the lead for the commemoration. People are in question if JLO has ties with the record label.


Katy Perry is getting backlash for designing shoes that resembles “blackface” Remember Prada and Gucci just went through the same hot water. Katy Perry brand will be pulling the offensive design but they will not be pulling the entire line.