Hollywood Stories: Katy Perry Accused of Sexual Misconduct

August 13, 2019

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella)

Did Katy Perry sexually harass her video co-star? Plus, Liam Hemsworth breaks his silence on the split from Miley Cyrus, Ed Sheeran's ketchup love goes meta, and more from Hollywood.

Liam Hemsworth has broken his silence about separating from Miley Cyrus, but he didn't say much. All he said was "You don't understand what it's like." We feel bad for the guy. He and Miley were clearly very different people, but we still thought they were cute together.

Whitney Cummings posted her own nude to stop extortion. She had posted a video of herself topless in the bathroom, and a little of her breast was accidentally exposed. She immediately took it down, but it was too late. People had a screen shot of the photo, and someone started asking how much she would pay to not have it posted. Whitney said "Are you kidding me? It's my breast. It's not worth that much. And you must think I'm more famous than I am." So she posted the pic herself so nobody could extort her.

Things are heating up between Gigi Hadid and bachelor Tyler. According to E!, Gigi and Tyler went bowling. Super hot! 

Model Josh Kloss is suing Katy Perry for sexual misconduct after he was her co-star in the "Teenage Dream" video. He claims she intentionally pulled down his pants. He was 31 at the time of the shooting of the video, and claims Katy exposed his genitals at a party seven years ago.

Ed Sheeran is such a huge Heinz ketchup fan that he's got a tattoo of the bottle on his arm. In a new twist, that tattoo is now being featured on a bottle of ketchup. It seems really unappetizing, to see a hairy arm on the bottle of ketchup, as you're dumping it on your burger. 

#AD There’s only 150 in the world and we’re raising money for @eachhospices and @riseagainsthunger, pretty cool eh? Check out the link in my bio and my stories for details on how to get one #EDxHEINZ

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Kate Upton has done the unthinkable-- She has had a photo taken of her, and it's not retouched. Isn't that what normies do?

The Jonas Brothers opened up about bullying at the Teen Choice Awards. They were honored with the Decade Award, and during their acceptance speech, Kevin opened up about getting bullied for his frosted tips. 

Bode Miller and his wife Morgan Beck Miller are expecting identical twin boys. The news comes a year after they lost their 19-month-old daughter Emmy in a tragic drowning incident.

Losing a child while pregnant was the most confusing experience of my life. The conflict of emotions from what was pure joy turned to guilt and terror overnight. How could I love this baby the way I loved Emmy? Was it okay to love this baby the way I loved Emmy? It felt like by loving my son, I was trying to replace her. The fear of birthing my son and what that meant .....a monumental step forward....proof that time continued without her when all I wanted was for time to stop. But let me say this....I couldn’t have been more wrong. Easton provided us an even closer bond to his sister. The moment I heard his cry, something sparked back alive in my soul. Hope. Love. I’m not sure. But in that moment, I knew I was Mom and my kids deserved the world from me. Everything was going to be okay. My joy and grief could coexist. Now, I can actually say with joy and excitement that we are expecting identical twin boys. From the day I met my husband, he has always said he wanted identical twin boys born on his birthday. We are due on the lucky day/angel number of 11/11 which is not far off from @millerbode Birthday of 10/12. From the beginning of this pregnancy, we knew Emmy had her hands in this miracle somehow.

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What was A-Rod thinking? He drove to a baseball game in his car, and left half a million dollars' worth of crap in the car that thieves stole. We don't know what was stolen, but he claims it was some pricey stuff.