Hollywood Stories: Kendall Jenner Opening up on her Acne Issues

January 8, 2019

Pete Davidson may be rebounding from Ariana Grande with Kate Beckinsale! The two were spotted flirting at the Golden Globes after party and a source says that “Hate had her hand on his knee and she kept laughing at all his jokes.


Kendall Jenner has openly said she is battling acne and sometimes it’s so bad that she won’t leave the house. The supermodel has partnered with Proactiv and she is happy she did so because it is making her feel great on the inside and out.



Kevin Spacey appeared in court yesterday in Nantucket, Massachusetts and he plead not guilty to accusations of an 18 year old man of sezual assault charges. If he is convicted he may face up  five years in prison. After court he was pulled over for speeding, but luckily he was let off with a warning.