Hollywood Stories: Lesbian Super Hero Batwoman Coming To The CW

July 18, 2018

Image courtesy Bill Sencio

A new super hero is coming to The CW, a stunt went wrong on AGT, and Meghan Markle's dad keeps making waves in today's Hollywood Stories.

The CW is adding yet another super hero to its team. The Batwoman television series is currently in development, featuring lesbian super hero Kate Kane.

Leslie Jones recently tweeted that she's done dealing with Jessica Alba's Honest Company, because it's been a "nightmare" recently. Leslie apparently spends a LOT of money on makeup from the company, and had three orders get screwed up. She tweeted it, and Jessica Alba personally apologized and owned what her company did. Some people can just take a lesson from that sort of accountability. 

Former Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams has checked herself into a mental health facility for depression, and has been there for quite a few days. She's been open about her mental health struggles in the past. Last fall on The Talk, she revealed she's had some very dark thoughts. 

A husband and wife duo's trapeze stunt went horribly wrong on America's Got Talent last night. Mary and Tyce, a husband and wife team, were doing a routine high above the stage with fire down below, flipping and turning, and during the grand finale, he was upside down and she slipped through his hands when he was supposed to grab her ankle. She fell in front of the audience-- and their 2-year-old son-- but she thankfully landed on a safety net. She got up... and they asked if they could do the stunt again! Simon Cowell compared them to a singing group, saying sometimes people make mistakes but that doesn't mean they're not amazing. Mind you, Tyce is also legally blind. Incredible.

After a show in Paris on Sunday, fans are more convinced than ever that Beyonce is pregnant again. That would be a fourth child for Queen Bey. 

Meghan Markle's dad isn't going away until she reaches out to him. He wants some attention from the Royal Family and he promises to keep doing interviews until they break their silence with him.

Thomas Markle has claimed Meghan had a painful look on her face in some photos with the Royal Family, but there's just one photo where we think she seems stressed out... she had a little fashion faux pas-- which is unusual for her-- when she went to Wimbledon as a Royal and wore a hat. Royals sit in the very front row, and as a rule don't wear hats because if they did, no one behind them could see. Meghan had to take off her hat, and it mussed up her hair. OF COURSE that's going to stress someone out!

Many people travel over the summer, and David Spade is no different. He goes home to Arizona often, and loves himself some airline travel.