Hollywood Stories: Melissa Rycroft Falls Ill After Dominican Republic Vacation

June 20, 2019

(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Unlikely Heroes )

Another celebrity has fallen ill in the Dominican Republic, Kevin Spacey's alleged victim can't find his phone, Jason Momoa is down for a Twins remake with Game of Thrones co-star Peter Dinklage, and more Hollywood Stories. 

Melissa Rycroft, who was on Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelor, was battling a strange bug after vacationing with her family in the Dominican Republic, becoming the latest American to fall ill after a visit. She's having bloodwork done today, because her blood pressure is off, and she's taking new medications. 

After a really rough week, I have been put on a liquid diet, and given meds for my severe cramping. Fingers crossed this goes away in 3 days - doc says next step is a Parasite test if it doesn’t....--

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Kevin Spacey is alleged victim is claiming the phone he was ordered to turn over in his felony assault case is missing, according to court documents. Spacey was charged with felony assault and battery after allegedly groping William Little, who was only 18, in a Nantucket club back in 2016. Where did the phone disappear to? And who took it? 

Lindsay Lohan Beach Club show was canceled, and she recently took out her ire at Page Six for reporting on the cancellation. She asked them why they don't cover children without limbs, or go to places where children are in need of help, instead of reporting about her canceled show. 

The Pioneer Woman's teenage daughter has been arrested for consuming and possessing alcohol while in public. This happened in Stillwater, Oklahoma, the hometown of the pioneer woman. 

On The View, things got out of control when Meghan McCain called Joy Behar the b-word. Apparently, they were all very upset that Meghan used that word. 

The Hollywood Reporter's annual list of the most powerful people in comedy includes Ellen DeGeneres, Melissa McCarthy, John Mulaney, Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, and Ali Wong. 

Avengers Endgame is being re-released next weekend with some new footage after the credits. This could very well push Endgame over Avatar for the all-time global box office record. It seems like a sneaky, unfair move to re-release the movie so soon... is this just a money grab? 

Jason Momoa, who was on Game of Thrones with Peter Dinklage, took questions from the audience at an Aquaman event in San Antonio, and someone asked if he would consider doing a remake of Twins with Peter Dinklage as a possible co-star. He said he'd absolutely be in, and that he loves the original movie. That 80s classic, of course, starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as labratory-engineered twin brothers.