Hollywood Stories: Michael Jackson Died Ten Years Ago Today

June 25, 2019

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It's been ten years since the King of Pop died. And did you know naked bungee jumping was a thing in Latvia? We do now, thanks to The Bachelorette. Plus, Mindy Kaling's 40 acts of kindness for her 40th birthday and more Hollywood Stories.

Today is the tenth anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. 

Apparently in Latvia, naked bungee jumping is a thing, and that's what happened on The Bachelorette last night. Bachelorette Hannah and her date Garrett enjoyed the fascinating tradition, completely nude and facing one another.

Cardi B is facing two felony charges of attempted assault, plus additional misdemeanor charges stemming from a wild brawl last year at a Queens strip club, where she allegedly roughed up two bartenders. She was offered a deal-- plead guilty, pay a fine, and everything will go away-- but she didn't want to do it. So now, she may end up going to jail. She said "I ain't going to jail. I got a daughter," but apparently some people in jail might actually have children.

The two Nigerian brothers Jesse Smollett allegedly paid to stage a hate crime against him were captured in a video the night of the attack. The video also shows Jussie still wearing a noose around his neck, more than 40 minutes after his alleged attack. The video was released yesterday by the Chicago Police Department as part of a massive public records dump. 

Mindy Kaling is celebrating her 40th birthday in a very unique way. She took to Twitter and said she wanted to make forty $1,000 donations to forty different charities. She asked her followers for suggestions, and to date has received over 4,700 suggestions. What a way to celebrate! 

It looks like Meghan Markle has already changed her wedding ring. Prince Harry designed the three-stone ring himself in yellow gold, but now the ring is different-- it's the same three diamonds, but set in a band that has diamonds all around it. 

Adam Lambert met his boyfriend on Instagram. He said they were texting for a while, then they went on a proper date, and it was lovely.

People are bullying the 7-year-old girl who played Tony Stark's daughter in Avengers Endgame. It's unclear why, but apparently it has something to do with her not being very nice to fans when she meets them in real life. It's gotten so bad, she posted a video asking people to not bully her. 

I hate that we even have to post this. But yet again Lexi’s getting bullied. And this kind of thing makes it celebrities never want to leave the house never want to meet people. Please keep your opinions to yourself so Lexi can grow up in the free world. She’s a normal human being and she’s a child. We give her a talking and we give her timeouts but we don’t do that in public. Sometimes were rushing from place to place stressed like everyone else to get to set on time or work or whatever and we seem a little grumpy. I’m sorry if you see us this way but that’s life! If you ask us for an autograph we always almost say yes. If we happen to be having a bad day that might put us right on the right! We are not perfect! These perfect children are not being given the freedoms and the rights that they should. If your child is so scared to be themselves in public and mess up a little then you’re over parenting. We give our children plenty of rules and boundaries But then give them the freedoms to mess up and learn from their own mistakes. They would not be on set an on movies if they weren’t well behaved. Trust me they have no desire to hire kids like that! And there were plenty of children that productions can work with. So if you see us in public and think you have the right to judge. Wait. Number one until you have children of your own, and Number two realize that we’re not perfect and we’re not claiming to be! But just try to realize the different strokes for different folks what you do with your kids may work for you and what I do with my kids works well for me. My children love me and respect me even if they act out sometimes. Thank you! Jessica!

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Halsey is bipolar, at her upcoming album is the first she's ever written while in manic mode. Apparently she's done all of her writing thus far while on the opposite end of the spectrum. She said it's so manic, and literally whatever she felt like making, she made.