Hollywood Stories: RIP, Charlotte Rae

August 6, 2018

Photo Credit: Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

We say goodbye to Charlotte Rae, and hello to Captain Picard, plus Demi Lovato breaks her silence and more Hollywood Stories...

Melania Trump came to LeBron James' defense after her husband, the President, attacked the NBA star on Twitter. 

Charlotte Rae from The Facts of Life passed away yesterday at 92 years young, the same weekend a reboot was announced. The reboot is being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jessica Biel... The Facts of Life reboot joins Alf, Frasier, and more 80s and 90s shows which are being rebooted.

Demi Lovato has broken her silence following a suspected drug overdose almost two weeks ago, saying "I've always been transparent about my journey with addiction. What I've learned is that this illness is not something that disappears or fades with time." She thanked her fans, her family, and her crew for their support, and will likely be checking in to rehab sometime this week. 

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Vladimir Putin's other BFF (besides Donald Trump) Steven Seagal has been named a special representative on U.S./ Russian humanitarian issues. Segal has been friends with Putin for years, and even became a Russian citizen in 2016. 

Mission: Impossible - Fallout scored the top spot at the box office for a second straight week. Gary and Christine both want to see it. They should. It's awesome!

Patrick Stewart will return as Captain Jean Luc Picard on a new Star Trek show that will be a spinoff of Star Trek Discovery. Stewart just LOVES the attention. 

Adam Levine attacked MTV, because he thought the VMAs had snubbed Childish Gambino's "This is America" video... until he realized it was actually nominated for seven awards. He apologized. 

My bad. --

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Lance Bass Tweeted over the weekend that he was the winning bidder to purchase the Brady Bunch house in Studio City, CA, but a few hours later, the NSYNC member said he was heartbroken when it turned out he didn't get the house after all.