Hollywood Stories: Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Fuel Dating Rumors

July 8, 2019

(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images & Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

They certainly don't seem to be ignoring the rumors they're the new It Couple, that's for sure! Plus, Justin Bieber calls out Tom Cruise again, Netflix wants to cut down on smoking, and Jerry Seinfeld has one great pitching arm! Raed about these and more Hollywood Stories...

Shawn Mendes is so adorable, even when he lets a fan down. He told a fan that he couldn't date her, because he doesn't know her very well.

And Camila Cabello spent her weekend fangirling over Shawn, posting on Instagram how she thinks he's the greatest, and how cute he is. Talk about fueling the fire at the rumor mill. 

We stan a friendship like this, camila is so cute❤️ #shawnmendes#camilacabello#shawmila Camila posted this on her story

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The US Women's Soccer team won the World Cup on Sunday! 


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Spider-Man Far From Home won the July 4th box office, with $93.6 million over the three-day weekend, for a grand total of $185.1 million since it came out on Tuesday. It's already amassed $580 million worldwide. 

Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes in The Avengers, said he got to meet Gwyneth Paltrow... again.... for the third time. He said she keeps forgetting that they did only some small movies together. 

Just barely managed to photobomb the great @pppiccioli and legend @realmrvalentino here... Thank you both for inviting me to my first couture show in --------‍--. Also glad I got to reintroduce myself to @gwynethpaltrow for the third time. We are in the same film...----‍♂️ #valentino #couture --: @maxmontingelli

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He shouldn't take it personal, though-- Gwyneth forgets everyone. She was on Jon Favreau's cooking show on Netflix, and she forgot that they were in Spider-Man Homecoming together. 

Joey Chestnut won the annual Fourth of July hot dog eating contest. On a 30 for 30 that took a deep dive into competitive eating, Joey said the key is dunking the hot dogs in warm water, because cold water makes the bun expand, while warm water makes it dissolve, which makes it easier for you to get it all down. 

Repost from @originalnathans - He's done it again! @joey.chestnut is your 2019 Fourth of July #NathansHotDogEatingContest champion. ----

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Justin Bieber is still trying to bait Tom Cruise into a fight. He did the bottle cap challenge and said "This is gonna be Tom Cruise's head." We'd really like to see that go down, the more we think about it. Our money is still on Tom.

I nominate Tom cruise and Hailey Bieber

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Jennifer Lopez is so damn hard on herself. Apparently at her Vegas show over the weekend, she misstepped on some of her dance moves, and ended up smacking herself in the face. Anyone could understand having a moment, but she was beating herself up about it so bad that Alex Rodriguez-- who was at the show-- had to step in and say how amazing she was. He said it was one of the best shows he'd ever seen.

20-year-old Cameron Boyce from the Grown Ups movies and Disney originals has passed away. He had a seizure in the middle of the night, after he had been being treated for an ongoing health issue. 

One of the new fan favorites from Stranger Things Season 3 is Robin the ice cream girl that works with Steve. Did you know she's played by Ethan Hawke's daughter?? Maya Hawke is 20 years old, and Ethan tweeted out that he's one proud dad, and that she is the real deal. 

Some of you may have missed her in last year’s BBC production of Little Women. Some of you may have missed her work at Juilliard. I know many missed out on numerous high school productions — heck I even missed a few and I’m her father. Some of you may know her music, some may not. But Ladies & Gentleman, get to know MAYA HAWKE. She’s the real thing. #StrangerThings

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The music budget must be astronomical in this season of Stranger Things... they have so much great 80s music, and the production value is perfect, from the tiniest accessories-- like the opal necklace that Nancy wears-- to the retro logos on the Dunkin Donuts coffee cups and bags of Doritos.

Netflix has pledged to cut down on smoking. It seems like every time you tune into a Netflix show, you see a lot of smoking. Now they're listening to people telling them they should dial that back. 

The Bachelorette is back tonight with hometown visits, where Hannah meets the families of her final four suitors. 

It's been 30 years since Seinfeld debuted, and Hulu has added a "Yada Yada Yada" button so you can shuffle Seinfeld episodes! And it was Seinfeld night at the Mets game on Friday. Jerry threw out the first pitch, and it was amazing-- he got it right over home plate. He also went to the booth for a while, and threw down a hilarious challenge for other 60-something comedians throwing out the first pitch.