Hollywood Stories: Should Heidi Klum Apologize For Ghosting Drake?

September 12, 2018

Photos by PA Images/Sipa USA & Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY

Ellen wants Heidi Klum to apologize to Drake, The Bachelor will make a story out of Colton's virginity, Casey Affleck gives an update on Ben, and more Hollywood Stories...

Earlier this year, Heidi Klum revealed on Ellen that she had a huge crush on Drake. Like any red-blooded American male right, Drake sent her a text fater he found out. She ignored him! She already got into a relationship with another guy at the time. Yesterday, she was back on Ellen and said she was embarrassed about it and Ellen said you owe the guy an apology. 

Paul McCartney said in an interview with GQ, he and John Lennon used to get together and pleasure themselves. Ringo wasn't invited. 

Casey Affleck has an update on his brother Ben, who is in rehab getting help with substance abuse. He said Ben is doing great, and he thinks he's going to be okay.

Bachelor In Paradise went down, and everyone was so happy because Jordan and Jenna got engaged... but this morning on People Magazine, Jordan has been blindsided because Jenna-- according to Reality Steve-- has been having an affair. 

Meanwhile, there's going to be a virgin Bachelor on the next incarnation of The Bachelor. Chris Harrison talked about what it's going to be like to have a virgin Bachelor. 

Mark Wahlberg shared his typical daily schedule with his Instagram followers. It includes a 2:30am wakeup call, two workouts, cryo-chamber recovery, and prayer time. 

Back at it 4am club. Thank you @equinox for always accommodating us. #noshowsilly

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Someone made a documentary about how Bill Murray likes to just show up at random places and hang out with regular people. It's called The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man, and it's out October 26th. 

Jeopardy is back this week, and there's something new about Alex Trebek-- he has a beard.