Hollywood Stories: Tom Holland Rescues a Panicked Fan

June 26, 2019

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Spider-Man rescues a girl in real life! Gayle King wants to know if Instagram is spying on us, Pam Anderson frees herself from an allegedly abusive relationship, and more Hollywood Stories.

Spider-Man star Tom Holland came to the rescue of a girl who was getting crushed in a crowd of autograph hounds. He told the mob of people that he would drop them to the floor if they didn't back away, and told the girl-- who was having a panic attack-- that it was okay. Our hero!

It's hard to believe the summer of 1999 was twenty years ago, and it's also hard to believe these things happened that long ago: 

  • SpongeBob SquarePants premiered
  • Big movies included Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, American Pie, The Sixth Sense, and The Blair Witch Project
  • Will Smith performed "Wild Wild West" at the VMAs
  • Napster was launched... remember Napster? 

Have you ever been flipping through Instagram, and an advertisement pops up for something you're interested in, but you know you've never Googled it or visited its website? Gayle King was on CBS This Morning, and she grilled Instagram boss Adam Mosseri to figure out what happened. Naturally, he didn't have a satisfying response. He insisted that the app is NOT spying on you, and basically chalked it up to coincidence. 

Pamela Anderson said yesterday that her boyfriend of two years, French soccer star Adil Rami, has been cheating on her. She said he's been physically and emotionally abusive, as well. In an Instagram post yesterday, she said he was living a double life with another woman, and called him a monster. He denies it, of course, but they are done. 

It’s hard to accept -- The last (more than) 2.years of my life have been a big lie. I was scammed, led to believe ... we were in « big love »?. I’m devastated to find out in the last few days. That he was living a double life. He used to joke about other players who had girlfriends down the street in apartments close to their wives. He called those men monsters. ? But this is worse. He lied to all. How is it possible to control 2 women’s hearts and minds like this - I’m sure there were others. He is the monster. How could I have helped so many people @ndvhofficial and not be wise enough or able to help myself.

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Elton John and Tim Rice's original Lion King soundtrack is packed with now-classic songs, and yesterday, Disney announced that the soundtrack for the live action remake will have a new song from Elton and Tim. It's called "Never Too Late" and will be included with the score. That's something to look forward to. 

America's Got Talent won a slow summer ratings week with 10 million viewers.

Netflix is losing The Office in 2021. The show is moving to NBC Universal's streaming service. But Netflix made sure to remind us that Steve Carell will be starring in an original series for them, called Space Force. 

Apparently, there's no truth to the rumor that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are coming back with The Simple Life.

Heather Graham turns 49 today. Happy birthday! 

Serena Williams finally got on a Wheaties box. 

In 2001, Wheaties paid homage to a true champion and an icon by putting her on the cover of a Wheaties Box. Althea Gibson was the FIRST Black Woman tennis player to be on the box. Today, I am honored to be the second.

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Are Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul teasing a Breaking Bad movie? There have been some posts about that. 

Jussie Smollett, the guy who kept a noose around his neck until cops arrived after he was supposedly attacked, Googled himself 57 times after his alleged assault. Authorities have proof of this. 

OJ Simpson shared some fond memories of Michael Jackson on the tenth anniversary of his death.

Late night tonight: Jimmy Fallon has Colin Quinn, Little Big Town, and Daisy Ridley on tonight. Kimmel has Spider-Man: Far From Home co-stars Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal. James Corden has Rob Lowe and Elle Fanning. And Seth Meyers has Terry Crews-- who's hosting America's Got Talent.