I tried the Ghost Pepper donut at Dunkin

Yes, it's S-P-I-C-Y and have your milk ready!

October 15, 2020
donut and milk

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Hey Dunkin, #ChallengeAccpeted! 

After striking out at two Dunkin locations, I finally got my hands on the new Spicy Ghost Pepper donut and yes, it's got a kick to it. (Pro-tip: Order the milk on the side.)

For the record, the Spicy Ghost Pepper donut tastes like a strawberry frosted donut with a mixture of cayenne pepper and sugar sprinkled on it. The ghost pepper flavor didn't come through for me.

But my day wasn't done. I had made a bet with Mark the Shark over whether he could handle the spice. So, being the kind friend that I am — I drove over to Mark's house and sat outside like a creep until his lovely wife, Patty came out and asked who the heck I was. "Patty, it's Christine" I pleaded. "Oh my gosh, Christine! I thought a pyscho was sitting outside my home!" 

Terrified Patty glady took the Dunkin bag I brought for her hubs, who wasn't home at the time. She delivered the bag for me later that night and sure enough, Mark got to keep the prize one dollar bill he got from me to eat the new Dunkin speciality menu item. 

Christine Lee dropped off a special @dunkin delivery to Mark the Shark (@sharkentertainmentct )along with a bribe to try the Spicy -- Ghost -- Pepper donut --! See if he gets to keep the money --!!

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Mark even put the dollar he "earned" in a very special location, taped above his home studio broadcast console on a retro TIC sign. A cherished prize, indeed! 

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