Video: Justin Bieber's Lonely will leave you in tears

The emotional tune featuring Benny Blanco tugs at the heartstrings

October 16, 2020
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Justin Bieber just gave fans some more new music. The singer dropped the new tune, “Lonely,” featuring Benny Blanco. To say the song is emotional is an understatment. 

And the accompanying music video will break your heart. It features actor Jacob Tremblay as a young Bieber reflecting on his image in a wall of mirrors, alone backstage.

Alone — that is until stoic "manager" Benny Blanco appears, taps on his wrist without an ounce of empathy for the lonely child star making it clear the cash-cow is wanted on stage. 

Wow. Just wow. 

I feel so many things after watching that. I feel like garbage for ever making comments about Beiber's antics back in the day. I feel for every lonely person living through the lonliest time ever — this damn pandemic. I feel for anyone who is dealing with those things the rest of us cannot see. 

That's not to exucse Bieber's behavior when he was acting out. But damn, a little empathy goes a long way. Have we not all done dumb crap as teens?

I for one am here for Bieber's growth into a reflective human being. And in turn, he's helping us all reflect on our own behavior both in person and online. 

Tonight @itsbennyblanco #Lonely

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