Lighter Side: Drunk Couple Buys a Hotel in Sri Lanka

October 11, 2018

Burger King is celebrating Halloween wiith black slushies called "Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry" But what we found out is not only will it make your tongue, teeth and entire mouth black, but it will also make your # 2 a weird color. So if you try it.. don't say we didn't warn you!

Talk about more weird halloween food.. Skittles just announced they are coming out with a "Zombie" pack. The flavors will include things like melon, black cherry, and rotten zombie. BUT this unfortunately won't be available til next Halloween.

How funny is this one! A Britiish couple were on their honeymoon together in Sri Lanka. Usually couples get drunk and maybe plan for a familyon their honeymoon, but this couple they got drunk they bought a hotel!!

How #luckybeachtangalle was born! ❤️

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