Lighter Side: Man Proposes to His Girlfriend on Ambien

January 16, 2019


The Kansas City Chiefs vs. Patriots Play Off game on Sunday might be the coldest game in NFL History! This is all thanks to the polar vortex, freezing temperature in Kansas City for the Chief’s vs Patriots game could very be the coldest games in NFL history. The record for the coldest kickoff at Arrowhead stadium is 1 degree Fahrenheit back in 1983 and again in 2016.


Guy on Ambien proposes to his girlfriend of 7 years. He wakes up and doesn’t remember any of it! He later posted about it on Reddit on Monday about what happened to him  and he says he couldn’t sleep so popped a lot of it in the middle of the night and proposed to his girlfriend. To make the story even better he had a ring because he buys and sells jewelry on Craigslist. He found out the next morning the he changed his relationship on Facebook to “Engaged” with more than 150 likes.