Lighter Side: Saturday is National Pizza Day! Here are the Best Deals.

February 8, 2019


Tomorrow is National Pizza Day and here are five important statistics that relate to us Americans.

  1. 98 % of Americans like pizza
  2. 54% of us say we LOVE pizza
  3. Most popular toppings are pepperoni and sausage, mushroom, and bacon (Least popular are anchovies, eggplant, pineapple, and artichokes)
  4. Almost one in three people eat at least once a week
  5. 33 million Americans would pick pizza as their last meal on Earth!

Here are the best pizza deals for National Pizza Day:

IHOP is doing a special in honor of National Pizza Day, it’s called a Pancizza! A pizza sized pancake and you can order one today – Sunday!



A survey found out that 58% of Americans are more stressed than ever and because of this stress we are losing six hours of sleep a week! These are the top ten modern day scenario things that stress us out according to SWNS:


1.  Losing your wallet or credit card.

2.  Arguing with your significant other.

3.  Sitting in traffic.

4.  Losing your phone.

5.  Being late for work.

6.  A slow internet connection.

7.  Your phone battery going dead.

8.  Not being able to remember a password.

9.  Credit card fraud.

10.  Forgetting your phone charger.  The survey also found the average person starts stressing about their battery when it gets down to 23%.