March Madness, Madness

Bracketology 101

March 12, 2018

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I don't fill out March Madness brackets to win. I fill them out to annoy my friends and co-workers who really take this seriously

In years past I've chosen (or eliminated) teams for reasons such as:  "Ooh, I like their jersey colors" or "I can't stand directional schools, therefore Northwest Central Eastern State University is OUT."

This year, I thought I'd share my bracket and some of the genius (dumb) reasons for my bracket picks. (Hint, there is absolutely no mathematical strategy involved.)

Round 1:

Creighton beats Kansas State because I went to the University of Nebraska and have family who still lives there. Makes sense, right?

Ohio over Gonzaga was easy, my dad is a long-suffering Cleveland Browns fan and an Ohio native. 

My grandparents were Razorbacks, so I'd be in big trouble if I didn't at least have Arkansas making it to the second round. 

Round 2: 

I chose Virginia instead of UMBC because it took less effort to just keep writing "VA" across all brackets. 

Duke rhymes with "puke" and "puke" is a funny word, so that was a no-brainer--Duke all the way to the Final Four.

Sweet 16/Elite Eight: 

Coin flip. Heads = the higher-seeded team advanced, tails = the lower-seeded team advanced (except for Virginia and Duke, see Round 2 details above.)

Final Four:

Xavier--cuz it's a cool name. 

Virginia and Duke--see Sweet 16/Elite Eight and Round 2. 

Texas--picked purely for the food. Yum. 

National Championship: 

Xavier vs Texas--cool name vs delicious food. 


Xavier--My 15-year-old son is named Xander, so I gotta support the "X." (What? Too far-fetched?)

People can make fun of my choices and reasoning all day long. But the truth is, people who agonize over stats don't do much better during March Madness than those of us who pick teams based on a hunch, a feeling or because the team has a cool sounding name.

So forget the math and just have fun!