Nick Fradiani Returns To Roots on New EP

September 1, 2017

Photo Credit: Brian Ambrose Photography

Team Fradiani! If you've been all *grabby hands* for new music from Nick Fradiani, the wait is over--and it was worth it! The first single off his upcoming EP has arrived and he stopped by our studios to chat all about 'I'll Wait For You' and MORE with Craig & Company's Christine Lee!

You can, of course, stream the new single - what are your thoughts on all that?
Realistically, it's a big deal. I still don't think anything's bigger than radio, but Spotify has definitely changed the game big time. People are fighting over these playlists and anything to get your music heard by a different audience and more people!

Weren't you on some kind of health kick?
I've derailed from the health kick a bit. Things have been hectic and I've been eating poorly. My girlfriend and I had fried clams in Old Saybrook, then got hungry late at night and made this Nutella banana thing...  it got crazy.

And alcohol? 
Yes, beer -- I love IPAs, but it's like drinking liquified bread.

You should team up with a beer and create a Nick Fradiani IPA! What would that taste like?
It'd be pretty hoppy!

What can we expect on the EP?
I found my sound a little bit here. It's guitar-centric, organic. I listen to everything, so I find myself listening to all different types of music sounds trying to come up with ideas and in this EP there is a lot of that - we do experiment with synth sounds and big sounding drums, but for this one, I wanted to go back to my roots. I love Springsteen and Tom Petty, so I really wanted to have that sound, but also make it sound current. So we got mandolins and acoustic guitars, but we used big 808 drums--big claps--that you hear on a lot of music now. Kinda tried to bring it all together.

Share some spoilers about the upcoming video! 
It's about a dog and there's a collie in it.

You can see Nick Fradiani on tour this fall at The Big E on September 30th and The Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun on November 12th! The Guilford native and two-time 96.5 TIC All Star Christmas Concert performer will release his EP on October 13th; you can pre-order 'Where We Left Off' now on iTunes!


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