Hollywood Stories: People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive

November 6, 2018

(Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)

People Magazine just voted this year’s Sexiest Man Alive as the one and only Idris Elba! He was so cute he said his “mum” would be so proud. Well we have a lot to thank to mum don’t we…

It has been confirmed that Mac Miller overdosed on a mix of fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol. According to TMZ, Mac’s assistant found him unresponsive on his bed in a “praying position”. Mac was already “blue” during the 911 call.

Drew Taggart and Alex Pall who make up  the musical duo The Chainsmokers will produce their very first movie based off of their song “Paris”. Alex and Drew says, “We are beyond thrilled to have launched Kick The Habit Productions as we continue to bridge the gap between our overall artistic vision, the entertainment industry as a whole and our fans. The age of being only a musician is over and we’re excited to go all-in on this venture to curate, produce and create meaningful projects.”