Photos: Rescue kitties are so here for hide-and-seek!

Can you spot the furry felines?

May 14, 2018

Meet Callie and Cheyenne.

This is Callie....

...and here's Cheyenne...

These adorable feline sisters are my Aunt Trish and Aunt Linda's newest furry babies — adopted from a shelter in the town where they live in Nebraska.

Lucy the dog isn't too sure about her new roommates. 

Seems the kitties aren't too sure about Lucy either — once they got out of their crate, they decided it's better to see than be seen

Can you spot Callie? Look closely...

Well, HELLO! Looks like her right eye is saying "sleep" while her left is saying "STAY VIGILANT, dog nearby."

How about Cheyenne — do you see her yet? 

Aha — there she is! Gee, you think she is keeping Lucy in her sights?

Fun Fact: Did you know 81% of all orange/reddish cats are male?  Yep, these cuties are unusual — but as far as playing hide-and-seek goes, they're as normal as sneaky, high-climbing kitties get. 

Lucy can't figure these two out, though —who chooses a cabinet over a couch anyway?!