Hollywood Stories: Tom Bergeron Not Happy Sean Spicer Is On 'Dancing With The Stars'

August 22, 2019

(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

The DWTS host is taking issue with Trump's former press secretary, but not some other shady characters on this season. Plus, Taylor Swift may have found a way to stick it to Scooter Brain for buying her master recordings... find out what it is!

Tom Bergeron, the host of Dancing With The Stars, is upset that they cast Sean Spicer on the newest incarnation of Dancing With The Stars, because he thinks it brings politics into the show. But what about Ray Lewis, the former (and very maligned) NFL player who by some accounts is not a very good, upstanding human being? And why wouldn't Lamar Odom be someone more worthy of being upset about?

Taylor Swift plans to re-record her old songs in order to stick it to Scooter Braun for buying her back catalog. What are the legalities of this? It seems too easy. The master recordings Scooter owns are a physical object, but Taylor still owns the publishing rights, so if she wants to re-record them, she apparently can.

Forbes put out a list of the world's highest paid actors over the past year, and The Rock is number one with $89.4 million, followed by Chris Hemsworth with $76.4 million.

Lori Loughlin is doing her best to weather the storm caused by the college admissions scandal. Note: not caused by her behavior in the college admissions scandal... caused by the college admissions scandal itself. They're apparently back in court next week. 

Angelina Jolie dropped her son Maddox off at college in South Korea, and she was doing the typical parent "trying not to cry, I'm so proud of you" thing. 

Sorry to break it to you, but the Pineapple Pen Guy is back. He's got a new song to annoy the crap out of us.

Bethenny Frankel is leaving Real Housewives of New York. She said she's ready to continue doing other projects with Mark Burnett which are more supportive of women. Is that a dig at Andy Cohen? She and Andy Cohen always seemed really tight, and he's the reason that she came back to Real Housewives of New York in the first place. It seems like a lot of people are trying to go in on Andy Cohen right now, that he's on kind of a power trip at Bravo. 

Save the date cards are sent being sent out for Justin and Hailey Bieber's wedding. They've set the date for September 30th. 

The Obamas are buying the house on Martha's Vineyard that they used to rent all the time. The house has 29 acres of beach front property. 

50 Cent and Wendy Williams are not getting along. Apparently, Wendy Williams crashed Fif's weekend pool party to meet Snoop Dogg. 50 Cent was not happy about it.