The Lighter Side: Bride Asks Guests To Pay For Wedding

August 28, 2018
Delicate white bunk wedding cake decorated with an original design using mastic roses

Aoleshko |

This bride wanted her guests to do WHAT?! Plus, is being lazy good for a longer life? And today is Red Wine Day! Cheers! More in today's Lighter Side! 

This is the ultimate in entitlement... a bride's Facebook post is going viral because she's asking for her guests to pay for her wedding. She's up front about it. She's not doing this behind people's backs. But beggars can't be choosers... you're asking for people to pay for it, you only raise a certain amount, that's what you got. But she wants a $60,000 wedding! Sooo she went back to her guests and asked them to contribute $1500 each! And she called off the wedding and ended things with her fiance. But she got $15,000 for the wedding... shouldn't she give it all back?? 

New survey found that people without kids can get ready for work in 22 minutes if they're in a rush, but having just one kid bumps it up to 45 minutes.

New article found evidence that species that exert less energy on average have a better shot at continuing the cycle for the next generation. In other words, the lazier you are, the better shot at making life last longer. It's survival of the laziest! 

Remember we told you yesterday that no amount of alcohol is good for you? Well today is National Red Wine Day so the wine lobby is at it! They always say at least one glass a day is good for you. 

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