Can't Beat Christine: Rebecca from Higganum

October 10, 2018

Rebecca from Higganum surprised us this morning by getting SUPER CLOSE to beating Christine in Can't Beat Christine! Check out how close you can get by listening to "Can't Beat Christine"

Little Caesars investigated one of its own franchises after allegations they were selling DiGiorno frozen pizza and passing it off as Little Caesars. Finish Digiorn's slogan: It's not ____ IT'S DIGIORNO!

First Lady Melania Trump got a lot of twitter flack for her outfit in Egypt. Many Indiana Jones references were made. In the film series, which came first: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or Temple of Doom?
Temple of Doom

The sexiest new halloween trend is painting your butt to look like what?

Mark Ruffalo recently revealed that he has been scolded before because he gives away too many Avengers spoilers while doing interviews. He plays which Avenger?
The Hulk

David Lee Roth is 63. What rock group was he the lead singer for?
Van Halen